Broadband Usage, Management, and Privacy Policy

Service Description

We provide managed, unmanaged and wholesale internet connections. Most of the services we provide are unmanaged, unless requested by the customer. We will only block unmanaged connections if they violate our acceptable usage policy. Customer are responsible for securing their individual connections.

Our advertised bandwidth is based on normal usage patterns. Wifi router are subject to interference from other nearby wireless devices and may give inaccurate bandwidth test results.

Traffic measurements should be made using the wired connection.

Because the internet is an interconnection of many individual networks we can only guarantee bandwidth within our network.

Our internet service is sold with the intent of providing typical residential and business end users a valued service. Bandwidth plans are expected to be obtainable when the service is used as intended.

It is considered abuse to use the full available bandwidth outside of normal usage patterns.

If you intend to resell our bandwidth then you must purchase wholesale service.

Wholesale service is not limited in any way and the full bandwidth is available all the time. Wholesale prices are based on a per megabyte basis.

Open WiFi

We do block some services on public open wifi networks that we operate or operate on the behalf of customers. On open WiFi networks we may block : un-authenticated email (SMTP port 25) and most P2P traffic.

General Data

In order to comply with relevant laws, to mitigate various internet exploits, and to help provide a good internet experience "Compu Net" may collect some network usage data. The data collected consists of the source and destination of the data and the amount of data sent.

We do not monitor or collect any content. In other words we can see where data is coming from and going to, but we have do not know what was sent. This information is used to identify DOS attacks and other malicious attacks. It can also be used to provide compliance with copyright infringement requests.

This data is not archived and not keep longer then 90 days.


VoIP data may be collected by us when troubleshooting VoIP issues. This does not happen often and typically only when requested by a customer, data collected only consist of the requesting customers data. Any collected data is only used for troubleshooting and deleted when the issues are closed.


If you use our email server for sending and/or receiving email your email may be machine scanned to determine if they contain unwanted data, ie SPAM.

We actively try to limit customer exposure to email viruses and email spam, but make no guarantees.

Acceptable Use Policy

    Compu Net will not restrict email services, however we will only provide email services for end user who have accounts on our server, or who access the internet via a secure password protected wireless or wired connection. i.e. we will not allow public non-password protected wifi guest to send email via our servers.
     Using file sharing or peer-to-peer sharing software or systems that allow continuous downloading & uploading will be allowed on secure password protected wireless or wired connection only as long as it does not disrupt service to others or violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
     Any use of the system that disrupts the normal use of the system for other Subscribers is considered to be abuse of Services. The propagation of computer worms, viruses, spyware, adware or the use of the network to make unauthorized entry to any other computer systems, or other communication devices or resources of others is a violation of this agreement.
     Compu Net has no control over certain types of interference and signal blockage. We do not guarantee any level or quality of service. If the service becomes unusable and cannot be restored in a reasonable amount of time then term contracts may be canceled without penalty.
     Compu Net cannot be held liable for any type of loss, whether actual or perceived, due to a lack of service beyond the current monthly amount Compu Net has been paid to provide the service.
     It is ultimately the sole responsibility of each user of the system to protect their own computer(s), data and access to their network connected devices.
     Subscribers understand that service may be interrupted from time to time for various reasons including maintenance, upgrades and power outages. There will be no warning for some outages.
     Failure to obey terms set forth in this policy may result in an interruption of service.
     Compu Net reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this policy at any time.

Privacy Policy

"Compu Net" values your privacy any data collected by us is only used by us to provide services to you.


We welcome any questions you have you may have regarding our network or our management policy, or if you would like a tour of our facilities.